How Are Body Scrubs Beneficial for Dry Skin?

One of the easiest ways to pamper your skin is to give yourself a body scrub a few times a week, but maybe you don’t because your skin feels dry – and you’re worried about irritating it. You might be wondering if body scrubs are good for your skin, so read more to find out!

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How do I take care of dry skin?

Fortunately, most dry skin conditions aren’t serious – and all you’ve got to do is help your skin regain its moisture. If your skin feels tighter, dried, and flakier than usual, look back at your routine, and see if any of these will help: 

1. Take another look at the soap or body wash you’re using

Could it be that you’re using a soap or body wash with harsh ingredients that are drying and irritating your skin? Maybe the soap formula is too strong, stripping your skin of its natural pH balance. Look for gentler formula soap with moisturizing ingredients that are kind to the skin.

2. Moisturize

The healthiest skin is moisturized skin that creates a natural skin barrier against germs and diseases. Moisturize your skin more frequently during the day, especially after a shower and/or before going to sleep. 

3. Take warm – not hot – showers

It’s just so tempting to take a very long, hot shower after a tiring day. But you might be scalding your skin, which causes the skin’s upper layers to die and shed dead skin cells in layers – or worse, stay stuck to the surface of your skin. Try lowering the temperature and shortening your time in the shower – and again, moisturize right after you get out.

4. Use a body scrub

The best thing you can do is prep your skin regularly for maximum moisture absorption after taking a shower and getting all cleaned up. How to do it? You need a good body scrub.

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The Benefits of Body Scrub

Body scrubs are an excellent way of helping your skin heal and improve in appearance. It’s easy to incorporate a body scrub routine into your week because you can do right after you shower, and it only takes a few minutes. There are other benefits, too.

  • Exfoliating with a good, gentle formula body scrub helps you remove dead skin cells from the skin’s upper most layers and allows new skin cells to regenerate.
  • Using regular, circular motions on the skin can stimulate blood circulation, help drain lymph nodes, and get rid of skin puffiness, which is a sign of fatigue.
  • Various ingredients in your body scrub can enhance the exfoliation process with nutrients and active ingredients that can restore the skin’s smooth texture and natural glow.

Why are body scrubs good for you?

Some of the best body scrub formulations contain active, antioxidant ingredients that can diminish discolorations, remove skin blemishes, and lighten skin, giving it new radiance – like Gluta-C’s body scrub for dry skin, which contains glutathione, Vitamin C, and papaya enzymes that exfoliate gently and brighten skin naturally, from the inside out.

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