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Are Body Scrubs Good for Dry Skin?

Are Body Scrubs Good for Dry Skin?

Whitening body scrubs are just one of the essentials when you’re on a mission to have fairer and healthy skin. Pero totoo bang hindi ka dapat gumamit ng whitening body scrub when you have dry skin?

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Scrubbing

Why do you need to use a body scrub every once in a while? Well, the cleansing, exfoliation, and massage involved when you do provide benefits that surpass what a regular bar of soap can.

  • Scrubbing counters the effect of aging on skin by regulating the skin cell turnover process. The effect is that the dullness and dark spots of your skin are replaced by a new, healthier and whiter complexion.
  • Scrubbing deep cleanses and preps the body to better absorb the moisturizing and hydrating benefits of your after-shower body lotion. Although unique formulations of whitening body scrubs now include moisturizing and softening properties.
  • When you massage your product onto your skin, the rubbing action increases blood flow to the skin’s surface, boosts circulation and drains lymph nodes.

These are staple benefits that, whatever skin type you have, should be beneficial to the health and appearance of your complexion. With dry skin, you just need to be a little careful so as not to worsen its delicate nature.

Whitening Body Scrub on Dry Skin is a Go! Just Remember to…

Use the Body Scrub

Natural scrubs made from natural ingredients veer away from nasty chemicals that may dry out or worsen dry skin. Some examples of natural scrubs (which you can find tutorials online on how to put together) would be sugar or salt with natural oils like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and the like.

Body scrubs with papaya extract (or papain enzymes) are great for exfoliating accumulated dead skin cells to reveal whiter skin.

Check Your Product’s Label

For the slashers and on-the-gos, concocting your very own body scrub can be messy or time-consuming. And hey, store-bought whitening body scrubs are not bad at all! You want to make sure that what you have in your grocery is effective but also gentle and non-irritating. So take some time to read your product’s label.

Avoid Over-scrubbing or Over-exfoliating

Unless using an extremely mild scrub, avoid scrubbing on a daily basis. Excessive scrubbing can cause scratches and painfully damage your skin. Limit your exfoliation to one to three times a week.


A highly-hydrating body lotion after your shower should further nourish your skin and complement your whitening body scrub’s benefits.

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