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When performing your skincare routine, don’t forget to include exfoliating skin products for your face!

Why Exfoliate?

Exfoliation is an important step in every skincare routine. After washing your face, there are still some stubborn traces of dead skin cells, dirt particles, and other residual particles remaining on your skin. What happens to this is that, when there is oil buildup, or you lock in your skin’s moisture with other skincare products, you’re trapping all the dirt with your skin.

And when those particles are trapped, it can be one of the causes of acne and other blemishes around your face. This is why, once or twice a week, it’s important to exfoliate and get your skin as clean as possible before you start the day.

Exfoliate with Gluta-C!

Think of your skin as a blank canvass. If you try to paint over a canvass filled with dirt particles, the result isn’t as best as it can be. By exfoliating, you’re removing the dirt particles and old dead skin cells and making way for the new skin cells to come forward looking bright and radiant.

Gluta-C’s exfoliating products not only gets rid of the dead skin cells on your face, but it also brightens and whitens your skin as you use it. Try our exfoliating products yourself to see the difference!

with Gluta C

with Gluta C

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