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Effective Facial Whitening Products

Gluta-C’s facial whitening products have helped many Filipinas achieve brighter, fairer skin. Here is our line of products to help you achieve radiant, brighter skin!

Why Filipinas Love Gluta-C’s Whitening Products

Gluta-C’s whitening products have our signature mixture of Glutathione and Vitamin C, two substances packed with antioxidants that brighten skin while also reducing the effects of premature skin aging from factors like prolonged sun exposure.

This, together with other ingredients like Kojic Acid, results not only in whiter and brighter skin but also clean and smooth skin free of excess oils, dirt particles, and other residue that can build up on your face from daily activities.

Perfect for Your Morning Skincare Routine…

Start your day with a skincare routine that protects your skin throughout the day while it brightens. Wash your face and body with our Whitening Soap, and then exfoliate with our Shower Salt Scrub. Our Facial Day Cream with SPF 25 protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that can cause premature skin aging.

…and Your Evening Routine!

At night, you’ll want your skincare routine to focus on repairing and nourishing your skin for the next day. Use our Overnight Serum for Face paired with our alcohol-free Facial Toner to help whiten your skin while providing the nourishment it needs to stay supple and healthy.

See the effects of Gluta-C’s lightening products for your face yourself! Our products are available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

with Gluta C

with Gluta C

Achieve a clearer, smoother and whiter skin today in 4 easy steps.

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