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How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on the Face Overnight

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on the Face Overnight

When the weather gets cold, it’s not a fun time for your skin, especially if you have dry, sensitive skin. During those few and in-between weeks of the year when the temperature drops, your precious skin suffers either from dryness, dullness, flakiness, or worse — all of the above. Oh, and don’t forget pimples on your face too!

Truth be told, even though most of us have experienced dry patches on our skin at least once in our lives, it can be quite a challenge to heal dry skin on the face overnight and get to the bottom of the matter. What on Earth is causing dry skin on your face? How do you get rid of it? And most importantly, how do you prevent it from happening?

Thankfully, the skin care experts at Gluta-C have you covered. In this article, we tackle the mystery behind dry skin on the face and simple yet effective ways of how to cure dry skin on your face overnight.

What causes dry skin on the face?

The general cause of dry skin on the face seems like a no-brainer: lack of moisture. But in truth, there’s more to it than that.

There are various causes of dry skin on the face. One of the most common causes is extreme weather changes like the ones we have in the Philippines, when you’d be sweating buckets today and then shivering under the blankets tomorrow. Other times, dry patches of skin on the face may be symptomatic of a serious skin condition. Often, they’re also a reflection of your skin care habits. You may be using products that irritate your skin.

To help you figure out how to cure dry skin on your face overnight, see if these culprits are behind your sandpaper-y patches.

Cold weather

While the rainy season might be cuddle weather for some, it’s also known to suck your previously hydrated skin dry. That’s because low humidity levels and cold temperatures result in dry air that draws moisture away from your skin. If you’ve been on a mountain climbing trek lately, you may notice dry patches on your face.

To cure dehydrated skin your face overnight caused by cold weather, apply Gluta-C Facial Day Cream so your face is well-protected from dry air.

Your makeup remover

Removing your makeup each night is the first step in your nightly skin care routine. However, if you don’t have an oil-based makeup remover, that could be the cause for the dry skin on your face. Unfortunately, the same ingredients that take off your makeup may disrupt your skin’s microbiome (the healthy mix of bad and good bacteria on your skin’s surface) and interfere with your skin barrier function.

One way of how to cure dry skin on your face overnight is to use a lightweight daily face serum like the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Night Serum.


Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a widespread skin issue that causes skin inflammation, resulting in red, itchy, and scaly rashes. The exact cause of eczema is unknown but there’s an 80% chance that you will develop it if both of your parents have the same skin condition. Eczema can also arise from food items such as citrus fruits, dairy and wheat products, nuts, eggs, seafood, and food colorings.

Symptoms of eczema include sore, itchy, and dry patches of skin on the face. Frequently moisturizing your skin and using a bar of soap with antibacterial properties such as the Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ Whitening Soap can help lessen the occurrence of these systems and heal the dry skin on your face overnight.

Your Diet

While you can’t change certain factors like the weather and genetics, you can control your diet. To contribute to a healthy moisture barrier in the skin, you need to consume enough healthy fats. This means increasing your intake of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids such as walnuts, chicken, salmon, and flaxseeds.


When going through your skin care routine, it’s important to not scrub too much or too hard on your skin. Over-exfoliating can mess with your skin’s barrier and result in your skin’s hydration easily seeping out more. The skin exfoliates naturally by itself but if you want to add a chemical exfoliant or scrub to your skin care regimen, once or twice a week is enough.

For a gentle exfoliant that will cure dehydrated skin on the face overnight, the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Exfoliating Soap (with Natural Papaya Enzymes) provides skin nourishment and effectively lifts away dead skin cells without stripping moisture off of your skin.

Hot water

Another common cause of dry skin on the face is over-washing your skin. Unfortunately, using too hot water can worsen this matter. Long or frequent hot showers can dry out the skin as they remove the protective oils produced naturally by the skin. These oils from a barrier that helps lock in moisture, protecting your skin from harsh environmental conditions. When the oils are lost, water will easily evaporate from the skin and dry it out.

To help cure the dry skin on your face overnight, take a shower with cold or lukewarm water instead of hot water.

How to Heal Dry Skin on the Face Overnight?

We’ve outlined a laundry list of possible culprits that contribute to dry skin on the face, from genetics and the weather to certain lifestyle habits and skin conditions. By choosing the right skincare products and making small changes to your lifestyle, you can possibly cure dry skin on your face overnight and keep it fresh and supple over time.

While we’ve inserted some tips in the section above, here are more expert-approved ways on how to cure dry skin on the face overnight.

Reach for a hydrating cream or lotion

Face creams and lotions are generally more hydrating than serums, oils, and other formulas — and they can increase the moisture in your skin for hours. Look for moisturizing ones such as the Gluta-C 4X Intense Whitening Cream, which nourishes the skin by hydrating and locking in moisture. It also contains antioxidants that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while optimizing skin texture — resulting in healthier, glowing skin.

Moisturize often and correctly

The best way to heal dry skin on the face overnight is to apply moisture every evening and morning. Consistency is key! Moisturizing your skin twice daily (and not just when you feel or see symptoms of dehydrated skin on your face) will prevent dehydration from occurring in the first place and keep your skin healthy long-term.

It’s also important to moisturize correctly. To help cure dry skin on your face overnight, make sure you apply your moisturizer after you pat in toner and serum. Massage your facial moisturizer into your skin using a circular motion. This technique will help push hydrating ingredients deeper into dry lines and rough patches for an instant plumping effect.

Use a mild face cleanser

Don’t grab just any soap! Some cleansers or soap bars can over-cleanse the skin and increase dryness. Choose one that’s gentle enough to maintain your skin’s barrier without stripping away moisture.

The Gluta-C Anti-Aging and Whitening Soap for Dual Antioxidant Defense is an anti-bacterial soap that gently cleanses and brightens the skin. Its non-drying formula ensures your skin remains moist and elastic, making your skin feel soft and hydrated. It sweeps away dirt and makeup without stripping your skin of natural oils or leaving your skin feeling dried out.

Be smart with exfoliation

You may think of exfoliation as a quick and effective way to heal dry skin on your face overnight, but a harsh scrub or face peel is the enemy of parched skin. It can remove its naturally occurring hydrating oils and disrupt the skin’s moisture barrier. Avoid exfoliants with strong acids and rough ones with salt and sugar.

If you have dry skin on your face, try an exfoliator that’s gentler on the skin and packed with nourishing ingredients to lift away dead skin without causing additional irritation. To avoid dehydrating your skin, make sure to limit using your exfoliator to once or twice a week only.

Don’t forget your lips

As your lips have fewer protective layers, sometimes they can be the most parched area of all. To instantly cure dry skin on your lips overnight, apply a rich balm or treatment each time you moisturize your face at night.

The most effective formulas contain a good combination of moisturizing ingredients (e.g. castor oil and sunflower oil) and occlusive ingredients (butters like shea and cocoa, beeswax, or petrolatum) which form a protective barrier to hydrate and lock in nourishment.


Moisturized skin comes from the inside out too. Drinking plenty of water will definitely improve your skin’s hydration. Aim for at least eight glasses of water or other sugar-free beverages such as tea or infused water per day.

Use a Humidifier

Another way to heal dry skin on your face overnight is to use a humidifier. This will increase the amount of water vapor in the air. The air in your room becomes drier when humidity is low, which can lead to dry skin on your face. To boost your skin’s moisture levels, we recommend placing a humidifier by your bed and turning it on after you moisturize at night and are ready to sleep.

Natural Remedies to Help Cure Dry Skin on Your Face Overnight

Given the countless skincare products available, a natural DIY remedy may be worth trying. Remedies and natural oils tend to be pure, which makes them a better choice for people with especially sensitive skin.

Here are some great natural remedies that will help you heal the dry skin on your face overnight.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a great natural oil to cure dry skin on the face overnight. It works as a natural cleanser and moisturizer as it cleans your skin effectively without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

Simply rub olive oil into your skin and then drape a damp yet warm cloth over your face until the oil cools. Afterward, wipe away the excess oil.

If you want a gentle exfoliator, you can create a natural exfoliating scrub using olive oil and sugar. Combine 2 tbsp of olive oil and 1/2 cup sugar. Gently rub the scrub on your skin for 1-2 minutes before washing it off.

Creamy avocado mask

Another way of how to cure dry skin on the face overnight is by creating a homemade avocado mask. Puree half of an avocado and then mix in 1 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of honey. Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for around 15 minutes before washing it off.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil becomes solid at room temperature so you can use it as a moisturizing cream for your skin care routine.

Aloe vera

While often regarded as a remedy for sunburn relief, aloe vera can help heal dry skin on your face overnight. It works by alleviating irritation and redness related to excess dryness. It can also decrease acne breakouts and signs of aging.

A word of caution: some people can develop allergic reactions to aloe. You may want to perform a patch test first, preferably not on your face, before applying to a large area of your skin.

Prevention is Better than Cure

When it comes to skin care, the old adage rings true. It’s better to take preventive measures instead of always finding ways on how to cure dry skin on your face overnight.

To sum up the points in the article, they can be as simple as:

  • Making moisturizing a part of your daily skin care routine. As soon as you finish taking a shower or washing your face at night, apply moisturizer on your face.
  • Developing skin-friendly bathing habits. Avoid hot showers and if you really want to take a hot bath, limit it to at most 10 minutes. Regular bar soap contains ingredients that can be harsh on your skin, so opt for a mild cleanser or a bar soap that doesn’t strip away moisture.
  • Drinking plenty of water. Increasing your water intake hydrates your body and moisturizes your skin from the inside out.
  • Add Gluta-C products to your skin care routine. Adding Gluta-C products to any skin care routine will help improve the benefits of a tried-and-trusted skin care regimen, without any of the harsh chemicals and drying ingredients found in other skincare products.

For more information and inquiries on how to heal the dry skin on your face overnight, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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