The Causes of Dark Underarms and What To Do

Dark underarms can become an issue for any individual, as it can affect our sense of confidence and self-esteem. It can be a gradual, unnoticeable change in shade on a daily basis, which we might tend to ignore, then it just happens – facing the mirror one day and noticing that our underarms no longer emanate the same sparkling brightness.

There are effective underarm whitening products that serve to remedy this situation. It’s concerning, especially during the summer season, when having dark underarms becomes a hindrance. Wearing certain types of clothes that expose our dark underarms and not feeling good about ourselves is not supposed to be a thing.

If you want to wear that cute bikini you just bought for a summer outing, or you just want to be comfy in a tank top and chill at home, having dark underarms shouldn’t be stopping you.

Feel unapologetic about raising your arms wherever you are by knowing what causes darkening pits and how to address them accordingly.

What Causes Dark Underarms?

There are many reasons for the skin of our underarms to darken, which can include any of the following:

  • Chemical Irritants such as roll-on deodorants, deo-sprays, anti-perspirants, and other common types of underarm products can cause the underarms to gradually darken. The skin in the underarm area can be delicate, which means it is easy to irritate. The chemical ingredients in some underarm products can cause redness, itching, or flaking, which leads to the skin getting rougher and darker.
  • Shaving is another reason for darkened underarms, as the abrasive action of a razor irritates the skin. Not using shaving cream or moisturizers can be more damaging to the skin, and an allergy to nickel or certain metals can cause rashes and darker underarms as well.
  • Lack of exfoliation or the accumulation of dead skin cells can also lead to dark underarms.
  • Frequent chaffing or constant friction due to tight clothes can cause the underarms to darken.
  • Medical conditions that may require consulting a dermatologist or specialist, such as hyperpigmentation, acanthosis nigricans, erythrasma, melasma, and Addison’s disease.

How to Lighten Your Underarms?

As earlier mentioned, there are ways to take care of your underarms to either address or prevent darkening. Here are some solutions to dark armpits:

  • Switch underarm products is the most actionable solution to dark underarms. Avoiding chemical irritants altogether by replacing your deodorants with natural alternatives will help address the situation.
  • Laser hair removal and waxing are alternatives to shaving that don’t damage the skin.
  • Exfoliate regularly with a body scrub and make sure to remove the dead skin cells in your armpits by exfoliating twice to thrice on a weekly basis.
  • Wear the right size and allow your underarms to breathe!

All things considered, these are the most essential things to know about caring for your underarms. Knowing what causes the dark skin in your armpits, and what to do to lighten them will help you correct your skincare regimen. Dealing with odor and hygiene is a whole other thing, but having naturally light underarms is a good sign of a healthy and clean body overall.

For women, most especially, having an exuberant and healthy body is the pinnacle of youth – be confident at all times by loving your body, including every nook and cranny.

Gluta-C offers effective underarm whitening products that combine the benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C in an everyday underarm and bikini skin whitening gel.

For any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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