How to lighten skin in your underarms

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How to lighten skin in your underarms

Dark underarms are the fear of young female teenagers and adult women alike. You may not know how you got the condition, but it can influence your choice of clothes, the kinds of sports you play, and even discourage you from wearing sleeveless tops and bathing suits in public.

The problem can last untreated for many years, making sufferers feel insecure and lacking in confidence. But don’t think you can’t do anything about, because you can!

Possible causes of dark underarms
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Dark underarms: possible causes

There are many possible reasons for developing underarm discoloration. And the truth is, similar forms of skin discolorations can occur in other parts of the body. Let’s list the main ones here:

  1. Underarms deodorants or deodorant sprays – some are too strong and have chemical ingredients that are harsh on the skin
  2. Friction – wearing clothes that are too tight, causing friction on underarms, neck, and even the groin area
  3. Shaving – frequent shaving can cause small cuts, which irritate and darken skin
  4. Lack of exfoliation – dead skin can accumulate, blocking pores
  5. Melasma – patches of skin discoloration on underarms and other parts of the body, including the face, usually during pregnancy

There are other medical conditions that could be causing dark underarms such as Addison’s disease or acanthosis nigricans. In these cases, dark underarms are symptoms of an underlying condition that may require more thorough medical attention.

Addressing dark underarms
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Addressing dark underarms

The first step to addressing any of the conditions we’ve mentioned is to undo them and take better care of your underarms and other areas of your body with sensitive skin. 

This might means looking for more natural alternatives to your regular deodorant, and changing the types of clothes you wear to a looser fit.

Instead of shaving, you may want to look into waxing, or more permanent hair removal treatments, such as laser hair removal.

You might also want to take skin exfoliation more seriously and treat your underarm skin to exfoliating treatments once or twice a week.

Down the line, however, you’re probably going to look at some skin lightening methods and/or get help from a dermatologist to give your skin some extra TLC. Here are some of your options:

  1. Natural bleaching agents from nature. Some of the more effective treatments including turmeric paste, tea tree oil, or rubbing slices of lemon on one’s armpits for a few minutes before rinsing off.
  2. Chemical peels – your options include light salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) peels that chemically exfoliate a number of the skin’s topmost layers, revealing lighter skin underneath
  3. Topical lotions or creams that contain retinoic acid or kojic acid, which will fade discolored areas after repeated use
  4. Dermatologist treatments such as microdermabrasion, which clean and exfoliate and can make skin look lighter after repeated treatments. 

If you’re looking at other effective underarm whitening products, look into Gluta-C’s Underarm Whitening Gel: a light, water-based, and easy to apply gel. Not only does it gradually lighten skin after application; it can slow down hair regrowth, smoothen skin, and protect skin against darkening again.

Gluta-C’s Underarm Whitening Gel is not just for underarms; it’ll also work for other sensitive skin areas like the neck, bikini area, knees, and elbows. Give it a try today!

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