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6 Tips On How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

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If you’ve ever felt the challenge of keeping makeup on all day while combating oiliness then, you are not alone.

We’ve found the answers to how to make your makeup last all day and we’ve listed them down for you.

1. Check Your Products

Before you apply any product to your face, make sure to check for its best before date. Using expired makeup will result in changes in the product’s color and texture. These changes will make your product much harder to apply and less adhering to your face.

Not only will expired makeup have trouble staying on your face, leading you to reapply it more often but, bacteria build-up from storage can trigger outbreaks for your skin. So, if you see that your makeup is past its best by date, then it’s time to switch it out.

2. Take Good Care of Your Skin

A key step in making your makeup last all day is proper skin care. Your products are more likely to adhere to your face if you’ve prepped your skin correctly and thoroughly. Clean and moisturized skin will make for a better canvas for your products.

Here are some skincare steps you can do to achieve makeup that lasts all day for oily skin:


Removing impurities like dust and dirt from your skin can make products apply evenly and stay on for longer.


Moisturizing will help your skin retain a protective barrier over it. This barrier will prevent it from getting dry, red, and flaky from external factors like pollution and product use.


Applying sunscreen religiously before your makeup routine can make it last longer. Not only does it provide a better base for your products, but it also protects your skin from sun damage.

3. Prepare with a Primer

Aside from great skincare, applying primer before layering on your products will give you a better base for your makeup. Primers aid in sealing moisture onto your skin, foundation stay for longer, and reduce oil production.

Choose a primer that can do multiple functions to maximize this layer. You can try the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream with SPF 25 for moisturizing, lightening, and sun protection benefits in just one bottle.

4. Use Blotting Papers

Excessive oil production can trigger your makeup to melt. Dabbing blotting paper over excess oils can help set your makeup and make it last longer.

Blotting paper is also a quick and easy way to touch up your makeup throughout the day.

woman using face toner

5. Use the Right Products for Your Skin Type

While finding the correct product for your skin type that works can be quite a chore, it’s an investment that will leave you looking fresh from dusk till dawn.

Using the right product types will help keep makeup on for longer by adding ingredients to combat its issues. For example, choosing products that contain Vitamin C can help control excess oil production while keeping your skin hydrated.

Choosing according to your skin type will not just keep you looking good for longer, but it can also help normalize your skin issues. Just make sure to do a patch test for all your products before applying it.

6. Use a Setting Powder

If there was a secret recipe on how to keep makeup matte all day, one of the main ingredients would be the application of setting powder, especially if you’ve got oily skin. Using a loose powder will mattify your face and help your makeup stay put.

Just like what we’ve mentioned above, it’s important to use a product that’s fit for your skin. So, if you want your makeup to last longer and keep your sebum production under control, you can look into a loose powder for oily skin.

Gluta-C Whitening Powder

Look Fresh All Day Everyday

Taking care of your skin, using the right formulations, and putting on less products will leave your makeup on for longer. Now that you’ve got our best tips when it comes to having your makeup last all day, you can look even fresher for longer!

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