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How to Use a Body Scrub to Exfoliate Your Skin

How to Use a Body Scrub to Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is an important part of your skin care routine. You might have been doing it on your face for quite some time now, but have you ever considered exfoliating the rest of your body?

Just like the skin on your face, the rest of your body needs extra care to keep its skin smooth, young, and healthy. Let’s start by discussing one of the best products that you can use to exfoliate your body, body scrubs!

What is a Body Scrub?

A body scrub is a type of exfoliant that physically removes the layer of dead cells from your skin. It is composed of different exfoliating ingredients, such as bamboo and salt, which allow it to gently slough off the outer layer of your skin and reveal a younger and smoother complexion underneath.

The mechanical act of rubbing your skin with body scrub also activates your body’s skin cell turnover rate. This helps your complexion look more radiant, become smoother, and turn out healthier than before.

How to Exfoliate Your Skin

There isn’t a strict way of using body scrubs. However, to ensure their effectiveness, you should prepare your skin for exfoliation and scrub your skin a certain way. Here is a quick guide to help you get started:

Preparing Your Skin

Some people like taking a shower or bath before exfoliating their skin. Doing so will allow you to get rid of any loose dirt that may be on the surface of your skin, making your body scrub more effective.

However, if you do not feel like washing your skin with soap before exfoliating, you can still use your body scrub properly. All you need to do is wet your skin using lukewarm water and allow it to run for five to ten minutes. This step will help soften your skin and prepare it for exfoliation.

Exfoliating Your Skin

Now that your skin is ready for exfoliation, it’s time to use your body scrub. Put a small amount of the product on your hand and gently rub it on your skin in small circular motions.

Start at your feet and exfoliate small areas for at least 30 seconds each. Move your way up until you reach your neck while remembering to apply gentle pressure on your skin.

Replenish Your Skin

Once you have exfoliated every part of your body, you should rinse your skin thoroughly using lukewarm water. If you didn’t wash your skin before exfoliating, now’s the time to do so using a gentle body cleanser.

After rinsing, apply your favorite body moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp. It is important to moisturize your skin after exfoliating because this routine can still damage your skin barrier and dry out your complexion, no matter how gentle you were.

Keep Your Skin Healthy, Smooth, and Radiant

Remember to exfoliate your skin regularly. The frequency depends on your skin type, but most professionals suggest that you use your body scrub about one to two times a week.

If you’re still looking for a body scrub to use on your delicate skin, you should consider the papaya body scrub offered by Gluta-C. This natural and mild skin care product is formulated with Glutathione, Vitamin C, papaya enzymes, and natural bamboo scrubs that work together to gently brighten, smoothen, and moisturize your complexion.

You can also try Gluta-C’s Kojic Plus+ Salt crub, which can make your skin feel smoother and softer while also providing you with 4X brightening action. This is possible because this non-abrasive, microbead-free product is made with Glutathione, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Azelaoyl Diglycinate: highly effective antioxidants that can efficiently lighten your skin tone.

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