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Operation Save the Singit: How to Whiten Your Bikini Area

Operation Save the Singit: How to Whiten Your Bikini Area

It’s forever beach season in the Philippines, which means it’s always a great time to wear a bikini and show off some skin! But before the temperature further rises and you trade your pambahay clothes for that sexy two-piece you bought online that hugs all your curves just right, you might think “Is my bikini area ready for a skin-revealing swimsuit?”

That’s a valid question. After all, not everybody is #blessed with flawless skin from head to toe. If you feel a bit self-conscious about donning your two-piece because of your singit and inner thighs, here’s an ultimate guide on how to whiten your bikini area.

But before we get down to the nitty-gritty on bikini area whitening, let’s first discuss why hyperpigmentation happens near your woman parts.

What’s the Cause of a Dark Bikini Area?

A dark bikini area is the cause of many factors. Below are some of the most common reasons:

  • Hormonal Imbalance: Fluctuations in your hormones can lead to melasma or hyperpigmentation. This is especially common for women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and for women during menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation.
  • Friction: wearing tight clothing such as skinny jeans and leggings can cause discoloration. Certain physical activities such as exercise and jogging can also chafe the skin on your bikini line.
  • Medication: chemotherapy medication and oral contraceptives can cause hyperpigmentation in the groin area.
  • Constant Shaving: Shaving is by far the number one culprit behind hyperpigmentation in your bikini area. Hair down there is not meant to be removed so when it is, your body will experience some kind of trauma. Your body will react by inflating each hair follicle, causing red bumps, irritation, and yep — hyperpigmentation.

When you’re wondering how to lighten your bikini area, start with the causes mentioned above. Stop wearing too-tight jeans and don’t shave unless you really have to! Doing so will help kill off your bikini-line banes.

How to Whiten Bikini Area: Simple Steps and At-Home Remedies

Now that you know what causes hyperpigmentation and discoloration down there, it’s time for Operation Save the Singit. Below are quick and easy ways on how to whiten your buttocks and bikini area.

1. At-Home Remedies

Wondering how to whiten your bikini area with products you can already find in your kitchen? If the discoloration isn’t so drastic, try these at-home treatments and natural remedies.

Baking Soda

Surprise! This super ingredient isn’t just for your cookies and cakes. Baking soda has plenty of uses, and one of them is being an excellent exfoliant.

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of water. Stir well until they turn into a paste-like mixture. Apply the paste between your thighs (be careful and make sure it doesn’t go near your private parts!) and keep it on for at least 10 to 12 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water. Do this twice a week for maximum brightness.

Lemon and honey

Lemon is a popular bleaching remedy due to its acidic properties. To use it for bikini area whitening, cut a piece of lemon in half and rub them along your inner thighs. Let the juice seep into your skin for 10 to 12 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

If the lemon juice is too harsh for you, you can mix it with honey (1/2 of a lemon with 1/2 teaspoon of honey). Apply the mixture onto the affected area. Leave it on your skin for at least 10-12 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. To prevent dryness, don’t forget to apply coconut oil or moisturizer afterward.

If lemon isn’t readily available, you can use calamansi too!

Oatmeal yogurt scrub

Gentler on the skin than sugar, oatmeal can act as an effective exfoliant and remove the buildup of dead skin that may be the cause of darkness. On the other hand, yogurt contains lactic acid, which is a popular ingredient in whitening treatments.

Combine equal parts yogurt and oatmeal in a bowl (1/4 cup of each will do it but you can add more). Apply the mixture on the parts you wish to whiten and then gently scrub until the dead skin flakes off. Do this at least once or twice a week.

Baby Powder

One of the most common reasons for bikini area hyperpigmentation and discoloration is the friction caused by thigh chafing or the constant rubbing of your inner thighs. To help your skin lighten up faster, it’s best to prevent friction by using baby powder.

You can use this product on your inner thighs when getting dressed. This will help you ensure that your skin doesn’t rub together and get irritated as you go about your day.

2. Choose the Right Bottoms

As mentioned previously, tight clothing can chafe your skin down there and lead to discoloration.

If you have a beach trip marked on your calendar or you simply want to know how to lighten your bikini area, it’s better to opt for garter-less cotton panties or a pair of seamless, breathable underwear. Avoid wearing skinny jeans and leggings too! It’s time to whip out those culottes, skater skirts, and maxi dresses.

3. Level Up with a Whitening Gel

Wondering how to whiten the bikini area in a week? You can easily do it with the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening Gel.

This ultra-lightweight gel can easily turn your bikini line and inner thighs shades lighter. It’s an effective, powerful combo of natural extracts and antioxidants to whiten your intimate areas and sensitive body parts. The glutathione and Vitamin C provide skin cell regeneration and intense whitening action, helping you see visible results in as early as two weeks!

It also contains Soybean Seed Extract, which acts as a hair retardant that slows down hair growth. This reduces the need for you to shave, tweeze, wax, or pluck your intimate areas — minimizing the appearance of skin irritations such as chicken skin and redness.

Since it’s in clear gel form, it absorbs better than creams without leaving a sticky residue. More importantly, it’s perfectly safe to use! Simply apply a pea-sized amount of the gel on your fingertips and spread it evenly on your inner thighs. Avoid using on broken or sunburnt skin.

4. Use a Whitening Soap

To support the effects of your whitening gel, you can use a whitening soap that suits all skin types. Doing so will allow you to improve the appearance of your bikini area and inner thighs even quicker, making you feel confident to wear whatever you want at the beach sooner.

5. Avoid Dry Shaving

Avoiding dry shaving can be an effective way to prevent irritation and discoloration in the bikini area. Dry shaving can cause micro-abrasions on the skin, leading to inflammation, razor burn, and even ingrown hairs. These conditions can cause the skin to become discolored, which can be unsightly and uncomfortable.

To prevent these issues, make sure to use shaving cream or gel, which will provide lubrication and reduce the risk of irritation. Additionally, you should use a clean, sharp razor and avoid shaving in the same area multiple times.

After shaving, it is also crucial to apply a gentle moisturizer to the skin to help soothe and protect it. This will help prevent further irritation and discoloration.

6. Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliating the bikini area can help to minimize discoloration and improve its appearance. Dead skin cells can accumulate in this area, leading to a dull and uneven appearance. By exfoliating regularly, these dead skin cells can be removed, revealing fresh and brighter skin.

However, it is important to use gentle exfoliators and avoid harsh scrubs or abrasive materials, which can cause further irritation or damage to the skin. Exfoliating the bikini area once or twice a week can be beneficial, but it is important to listen to your skin and adjust the frequency as needed.

Save Your Singit with Gluta-C

You don’t have to undergo expensive whitening treatments just to achieve a flawless bikini area. With the tips and products outlined above, you’ll know how to whiten your bikini area at home. It’s as easy as rummaging through the kitchen or heading to the nearest grocery store for Gluta-C products.

When you finally hit the beach, you’ll be able to feel confident and flaunt your body, regardless of what you’re wearing or how much skin you’re showing.

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