Why Beauty Sleep is So Important for Your Skin

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Woman sleeping in bed

Been losing sleep lately? It happens! You’re staying up late reading or working or maybe watching your favorite K-drama show on Netflix.

The ideal amount of sleep you should be getting is 7 to 9 hours. Six is probably okay; but at 5 hours, dermatologists report that women will see it starting to affect the way you look. You’ll see it in the morning: skin looks a bit dull, your cheeks feel saggy, and makeup won’t go on as smoothly on your skin as it should – right?

Without enough sleep, the body tends to continue produce cortisol, an anti-inflammatory mechanism of the body that fights stress, but can also cause acne flares, slow down wound healing, and accelerate early aging.

Many skin specialists recommend getting sleep between 10pm and 2am to maximize the gift of sleep. Some are even more specific and say that cell mitosis at its peak between 11pm and midnight, helping skin repair and regenerate itself.

If this is you – in fact, this is all of us – then you need extra help from the right beauty products. Before you sleep, do a thorough skin cleansing and moisturizing routine, giving it an extra boost with serum. The best serum products can supercharge your skin with rich, anti-oxidant ingredients and skin brightening nutrients that will help you look much better in the morning.

woman holding serum

How serum helps repair skin at night

Here are just some of the things a good serum product can do for you: 

  1. Act immediately to reduce signs of aging. This is true – especially if it contains amazing anti-oxidant ingredients that help rehydrate skin, refresh and stimulate skin cell growth, and reduce some of the fine lines that come with age, too much sun exposure, and too much squinting.
  • Reduce skin puffiness, which is a sign of overall body fatigue. Your quality serum with antioxidant ingredients also serves as an anti-inflammatory, providing front-line support to tired, puffy skin.  

  • Skin will look more radiant and firmer. A good eye restores skin’s healthy glow, giving it back some of its elasticity and firmness. It will even reduce some of the sag you might be starting to see on your cheeks and smile lines.
  • It’s lightweight and absorbed quickly by the skin. Serum is super lightweight and absorbed by skin in a matter of seconds. You get none of the heavy cream feeling with products that won’t penetrate skin and remain trapped on the surface. It’s easy to apply in a few seconds – and you’re done.

Enhance your beauty sleep routine with facial night serum

Ready for your beauty sleep? Don’t forget your evening skincare routine!

After removing make-up, cleansing, and toning, apply a whitening facial night serum gently around the face – on forehead, cheeks, mouth and chin area, and around the eyes. It’s gentle, lightweight and it’s got Vitamin C, glutathione, and Arbutin, which can fade dark spots and even out skin tone. 

Waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror will be much more fun if you prepped for it the night before – you’ll see the difference in the morning! 

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