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Discover the Naked Truth About Beauty Sleep and Its Benefits

Discover the Naked Truth About Beauty Sleep and Its Benefits

You must be familiar with the term beauty sleep. You either heard it from your mother, sisters, or commercials when you were younger. Perhaps, you have come across it in magazines and beauty tips you’ve read online.

As you grew older, your friends and family may have also told you that you must have had enough beauty sleep because you looked fresh and beautiful. So, is beauty sleep considered a compliment? If so, what is it about this concept that makes it a good thing?

What is Beauty Sleep?

Before discussing beauty sleep any further, let’s first learn about this concept. Beauty sleep is the practice of getting enough sleep at night, which allows your body to repair itself and recover from the stresses you encountered during the day. With the right amount of sleep, you will wake up looking and feeling fresh the next day.

Beauty Sleep Benefits

Beauty sleep has been part of the go-to skin care regimen ever since it became a thing. If you’re asking yourself if beauty sleep is a real thing, science says it is. There’s actually merit to all the hype it has received because of the benefits it offers:

1. Fewer Wrinkles

Your skin produces more collagen when you’re sleeping. The extra collagen produced by your body during beauty sleep makes your skin look plumper and reduces sagging.

Additionally, getting beauty sleep every night allows your skin to retain more moisture. If your skin is always hydrated, you are less likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Radiant Complexion

Beauty sleep is perfect for glowing skin. It helps your skin recover from the pollution and stresses it encountered throughout the day.

To rejuvenate your skin, your body boosts blood flow to your skin while you’re sleeping. Because of the additional blood supply, you will wake up with a more radiant complexion.

If you decide to skip on your beauty sleep, on the other hand, you will have to deal with a dull complexion. This happens because lack of sleep reduces the blood flow to your skin, especially your face.

3. Brighter Under-Eye Area

Similar to how beauty sleep makes your complexion more radiant, it also helps brighten your under-eye area. The additional blood flow to your skin caused by beauty sleep can minimize the dark circles surrounding your eyes, making you look more well-rested.

Having enough sleep also reduces the puffiness under your eyes. The swelling can be further reduced when you stay hydrated and elevate your head with a pillow when you go to sleep.

4. Luscious Hair

Beauty sleep doesn’t only benefit your skin. It makes your hair look amazing as well!

When you get enough beauty sleep time period every night, your hair follicles get sufficient blood flow and are able to absorb all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to keep your hair healthy. Ultimately, getting beauty sleep regularly will allow you to avoid hair breakage, loss, and damage.

5. Healthier Appearance

Sleep is essential to the repair and regeneration of your cells, which have been damaged by free radicals and other factors. It is also important if you want to keep a healthy and happy appearance that will make you look more approachable.

When you don’t get enough sleep at night, your tiredness shows on your face. Sleep-deprived individuals often have a sad look on their faces, which is caused by the drooping of the corners of their mouths. You also tend to furrow your brows more when you’re sleep-deprived.  

So, it’s best to get enough sleep nightly to maintain your happy and healthy appearance. Having enough shut-eye will also help you avoid these signs of exhaustion:

  • Red, swollen eyes
  • Dark circles
  • Sagging eyelids
  • Pale, dull skin

6. Better Skin Care Routine

One of the benefits of beauty sleep is that it allows your skin care products to work better. When you get enough sleep every night, your skin gets consistent blood flow, which allows it to benefit more from the facial night serum and other products you applied before going to bed. Getting beauty sleep regularly will then allow you to see the results of your skin care products sooner.

How to Get Beauty Sleep

The best time to sleep for your skin is between 9–11 PM. However, this depends on your lifestyle. As long as you get seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night, you can still enjoy the benefits of beauty sleep listed above.

Getting seven to nine hours of sleep nightly will provide your body with enough time to repair itself and recover from the day’s activities. When you complete this beauty sleep time period, you will surely wake up feeling and looking refreshed every time.

Take Care of Your Skin the Right Way

Beauty sleep is a real thing that will help your skin look its best. However, if you want to benefit from it even more, you should combine this skin care strategy with high-quality products from Gluta-C.

You can count on us for effective skin care products made with natural ingredients that will keep your skin healthy. The products we offer are also formulated to brighten your skin and provide you with a more radiant complexion. Contact us today to learn more.

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