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What You Need To Know About Nighttime Skin Care Routines

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Spending a long and tiring day at work or outside takes a toll on a person’s mind and body. To recuperate, some people have a special routine that they do at night. This can include taking a long, hot bath, having a warm cup of milk or tea before going to bed, or reading a novel before going to sleep.

Aside from your mind and body, your skin is also affected by the activities you do throughout the day. It may have been damaged by the sun’s UV rays while you were outside or affected by the pollutants and other particles present in the air. If you do not do anything to address this, you may suffer from having skin that looks dull, rough, and lifeless.

Keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy by establishing a nighttime skin care routine. Doing every step daily will allow you to achieve the results that you desire.


Is a Nighttime Skin Care Routine Effective?

You might be hesitant to invest time and money in a nighttime skin care regimen. Why should you buy all these extra products and spend your precious time on a skin care routine if you will only sleep right after? Isn’t that a bit senseless and wasteful?

Actually, the opposite seems to be true. At night, your body naturally works to repair and rejuvenate every part of your body, including your skin. So, if you boost this process with high-quality skin care products, you will be helping your body in restoring your skin’s radiance.

Experts say that your skin absorbs skin care products better at night than during the day. This happens in part because of the absence of any surrounding stressors at night. Your skin does not have to deal with pollutants and the sun’s UV rays while you are sleeping. It can also absorb products easily because you are not wearing any makeup.

Because of this, investing in nighttime skin care products is not useless at all. Each drop of skin care product that you apply before you go to sleep will be absorbed by your skin, so you do not have to worry about your money, time, and effort going to waste.

Establish a Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Having a set nighttime skin care routine will allow you to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs. Doing this regularly—hopefully every night—can help you have a glowing and radiant skin tone.

Although nighttime skin care routines may vary for each person—some people may need different types of products and extra steps—there is a foundational sequence that you should follow. Here are the essential products you need to include in your nighttime skin care regimen.


It is important that you have a clean canvas for your skin care products. If you are wearing makeup, make sure to remove it using a makeup remover. Some cleansers may not be enough to remove some of your makeup, especially if you use waterproof products.

After removing your makeup, cleanse your skin using a mild soap packed with powerful antioxidants, such as the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Dual Antioxidant Defense Soap. This kind of product is effective in getting rid of the dirt, germs, and other particles that may have clung to your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

Gluta-C Dual Antioxidant Soap


This is an optional step that you can do once or twice a week. If you are planning to pamper yourself, applying a mask is definitely the way to go.

There are different types of masks that you can choose from. Each one can provide you with various benefits that can replenish your skin and keep it healthy:

  • Clay mask
  • Cream mask
  • Gel mask
  • Sheet mask


Cleansing your skin after a long day outside is essential. However, this practice can sometimes disrupt your skin’s pH balance. This can compromise your natural skin barrier and leave your skin exposed to bacteria.

To restore your skin’s pH balance, use an alcohol-free toner. This product will not only help restore your skin’s barrier but also allow your skin to absorb other skin care products, such as moisturizers and night serums for the face, much easier.


This step is dedicated to addressing specific skin concerns that you may be dealing with. You can treat acne, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles with a top-quality facial night serum.

There are various kinds of overnight serums for the face that you can choose from depending on the skin issue you are trying to solve, including the following:

  • Whitening Night Facial Serums
  • Anti-Aging Serums
  • Hydrating, Water-Based Serums
  • Exfoliating Serums
  • Anti-Acne Serums

Eye Cream

The first signs of aging usually appear as fine lines around your eyes. If you want to prevent this from happening or delay its onset, make sure to include eye creams as a part of your nighttime routine.

Eye creams are skin care products specifically formulated to provide the thin skin around your eyes with nutrients. They work by providing your eye area with extra hydration to keep the skin firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


In addition to keeping the area around your eyes hydrated, you should ensure that your entire skin is moisturized. To achieve this, you should use a gentle facial moisturizer and body lotion on your skin.

One product you can use is Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Lotion with Dual Antioxidant Defense. This item is infused with powerful antioxidants, glutathione, and vitamin C. These ingredients do not only keep your skin moisturized, but also give it a radiant and youthful glow.

Having an established nighttime routine will allow you to remember the steps that you have to do and the products that you need to apply before going to bed. When you are consistent in completing your nighttime skin care regimen, you will definitely be able to achieve the results that you desire.

Should you have any questions regarding your nighttime skin care routine, feel free to shoot us a message on Facebook.

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