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Anti Acne

Flaunt a Pimple-Free Glow with Gluta-C’s Anti-Acne Facial Products

If acne and pimples are spoiling your confidence, Gluta-C’s range of anti-acne facial products can be your solution. Our products not only keep your skin free of excess oils that trigger acne but also brighten and whiten your skin. Embrace a healthy, smooth skin that radiates confidence with Gluta-C.

Understand Acne and Its Causes

Your facial skin naturally secretes oils to maintain hydration. However, excessive oil production can clog your pores, leading to unwanted pimples, acne, and blemishes. With Gluta-C’s meticulously formulated products, you can effectively combat and prevent acne in various ways:

  1. 4X Whitening Lotion – Retains skin moisture to curb skin dehydration that can trigger acne.
  2. 4X Whitening Facial Wash – Rids the skin of excess dirt particles that can accumulate and clog pores.
  3. 4X Whitening Toner – Removes residual dirt post-cleansing and excess oils, preventing acne breakouts.
  4. 4X Whitening Cream – Achieve clearer, fairer skin while indulging your face and neck with anti-acne and oil-controlling ingredients.
  5. 4X Whitening Powder – Controls oil production to keep your skin fresh, clean, and free from excess oil.
  6. 4X Whitening Salt Scrub – Exfoliates dead skin cells that can clog pores, leading to acne.
  7. 4X Whitening Soap – Enriched with Azelaoyl Diglycinate to control your skin’s sebum levels and keep excess oil in check.

Experience the difference with Gluta-C’s anti-acne facial products today! Find our products at leading supermarkets and drug stores nationwide.

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