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Anti Aging

Combat Aging Gracefully with Gluta-C’s Facial Anti-Aging Products

Age is but a number, especially when it comes to your skin. The premature signs of aging can be mitigated with the right facial anti-aging products. Various factors such as environmental conditions, exposure to UV light, stress, lifestyle habits, and others can accelerate your skin’s natural aging process, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and a tired look.

For Filipinas battling with aging skin factors or those looking to proactively prevent them, incorporating anti-aging skincare products into your daily regimen is essential. Gluta-C’s line of anti-aging products is designed to not only brighten your skin but also promote a youthful, radiant appearance!

Rediscover Youthful Radiance with Gluta-C

Gluta-C’s anti-aging skincare products offer protection against external factors, leaving your skin youthful and radiant. These carefully curated products include:

  1. Dual Antioxidant Soap – Packed with antioxidants, this soap offers protection against wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of skin aging.
  2. Dual Antioxidant Lotion – Loaded with antioxidants, it rejuvenates damaged and aging skin, maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion.
  3. Whitening Toner – Formulated with Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Arbutin, it stimulates skin cell regeneration.
  4. Facial Day Cream – Enriched with Vitamin B9, it stimulates cell growth, detoxifies the skin, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.
  5. Insta-White Cream – Comes with SPF 25 that protects your sensitive facial skin from sun damage.

Experience the transformation yourself and explore our range of anti-wrinkle face products. Discover more about Gluta-C products and the multitude of benefits they bring to your skin. Our products are conveniently available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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