Whitening Deodorant with
24-Hour Body Odor Protection

This is a quick-absorbing, whitening deodorant. It is paraben-free

Gluta-C Skin Whitening Deodorant

Gluta-C introduces an effective whitening deodorant that brightens your skin and provides up to 24-hour body odor protection: Gluta-C Intense Whitening Deodorant. You can now expose those underarms with confidence when you look good, feel fresh, and smell great!

The secret behind our whitening deodorant is in its natural ingredients. Glutathione and Vitamin C are master-antioxidants that brighten your skin from the inside out and prevent premature aging skin. Daisy Flower Extract gently exfoliates your skin. Combined, all three ingredients have antibacterial properties that protect your underarms against odor-causing bacteria and underarm staining.

Why You’ll Love It

Our Gluta-C Intense Whitening Deodorant is quick to absorb and dry. Packed with natural ingredients, our deodorant is also paraben-free, alcohol-free, non-marking and contains no harsh chemicals that could affect your natural skin.

The result is not only brighter underarms, but smooth, soft, and fresh underarms for up to 24 hours with regular use. 

Where to Buy It

You can get Gluta-C’s Whitening Deodorant anywhere in the Philippines! Our products are sold in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. You can also order your whitening deodorant online through our official Lazada and Shopee stores today.

Try our whitening deodorant today and see brighter, fresher, and smoother underarms!

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