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How to Layer Your Skincare Products Correctly

You’ve got a dresser filled with skincare products, but do you actually know which comes first? Toner, serum — or wait, face cream? Or is it supposed to be moisturizer?

It’s okay, don’t worry. It’s not like everyone is born naturally knowing how to layer skincare products. But, if you don’t follow the correct order, your products could up being ineffective and even ruin your makeup!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to layer skincare products in the correct order.

Step 1: Toner

After you’ve washed your face with a cleanser that suits your skin type, immediately apply toner. Back in the day, toners were alcohol-based liquids that were harsh on the skin. Fortunately, today’s toners are filled with gentle and hydrating ingredients that prime the face, allowing your skin to better absorb other nourishing ingredients. To ensure that the toner you use won’t irritate your skin, opt for alcohol-free whitening toners like the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Toner or the Kojic Plus+ Acne Control Toner.

When applying toner, tap the liquid over your clean and dry skin, then wait for a full five minutes before applying anything else. If you immediately apply another product, you can accidentally neutralize the acids before they can work their magic.

Step 2: Serum

After cleansing and toning, apply 2-3 drops of serum on your face and pat gently until it’s absorbed by the skin. People often skip using serums, but they’re honestly the heavy lifters of any skincare routine. That’s because they’re shots of extremely concentrated nutrients that amp up your skin’s health the moment you apply them.

Any skin care expert swears by serums that contain Vitamin C, the MVP of skincare ingredients. When paired with other powerful ingredients such as Glutathione and Alpha Arbutin, you can effectively protect your skin from inflammation and damage caused by free radicals, while also lightening dark spots and brightening skin over time.

Once you use a serum with packed with Glutathione, Vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin, your face will receive whitening and revitalizing care, helping you achieve visibly brighter, fairer, healthier, and younger-looking skin.

Step 3: Cream/Moisturizer

After your skin has absorbed the serum, it’s time to apply face cream. The best way to apply face cream is in small quantities. Dab small spots all over your face and then gently smooth them out. Most face creams, like the Kojic Plus+ Face and Neck Cream with SPF 30, have nourishing properties that hydrate and lock in moisture.

If you prefer moisturizers over creams, that’s okay as well. The best time to apply a moisturizer is when the skin is still a bit damp, so the sooner you do it after applying your serum, the better.

Step 4: Sun Protection

The last step in your skincare routine before you finally put on your makeup is sun protection. If you’re already using a face cream with SPF content like the Kojic Plus+ Face and Neck Cream with SPF 30, consider that the last step. But if you use a moisturizer, don’t forget to apply tinted sunscreen or a light sunblock for protection against harmful UV rays.

Sun protection is the absolute last step because it acts like armor for your skin against the outside world. Plus, because of its thick consistency, other skincare products will have trouble penetrating it if layered on top.

Step 5: Follow this guide ASAP

And that’s it! You’re now ready to put on your makeup and your game face on for the day.

When it comes to a nighttime skin care routine, the order is the same. Just skip the last part as you won’t need sunscreen for sleep.

Now that you’ve learned the correct order of applying skincare products, you can now bask in the glory of fairer and more beautiful skin! For sure, your skincare routine will be twice as effective starting today.

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